The value in knowing you've created something, anything, is amazing in the eyes of the creator.  

Whether its creating life, art, music, a dream, or spaghetti!  Always create and always teach to create.

Come create with us, 

Courtney, Founder & Creator of Rhythm & Hues

Rhythm & Hues aims to ignite the creative light within each child by gently guiding and encouraging them to freely explore their individuality through art.

The benefits of visual arts education and musical activities are far-reaching. 

The integration of arts courses enables children to:

  • Learn to think out-of-the-box, creatively, and develop critical-thinking skills.
  • Learn to observe, analyze, and interpret.
  • Learn to express themselves without necessarily using words.
  • Learn about a variety of cultures worldwide.
  • Learn about other’s interpretations, and therefore learn that there are other points of view aside from their own.
  • Learn to build confidence based on their own freedom to express themselves and their ability to create things that are unique to them.
  • Learn to get messy and have fun, while creating.

The team at Rhythm & Hues believes in the unique curiosity, creativity, and artistic expression of each child.  We believe art & music play a key role in encouraging a child to learn about themselves and the world around them. 

With these beliefs in mind, Rhythm & Hues looks to offer a creative space where your child can explore, learn and create.

Rhythm & Hues is committed to unleashing your child’s imagination through the creation of art and music!